Sunday, 15 August 2010

catching up

Hi to everyone

Not been on here for ages, if at all, but am trying to rectify that now.

Been in and out of hospital a lot in the past year, same old problem keeps reoccurring, very frustrating at times but that's life.

Crafting therefore has been done in spurts, apart from the necessary cards required for family and friends Birthdays etc and shame to say some of those have even been overlooked. Trouble is I think that everyone expects great things, when maybe a simple card would do. I'm maybe just a little too hard on myself.

Maybe in next few days/weeks I will get round to uploading samples of past works.

Will be back soon as have to finish a card for a friend

love and hugs to all


  1. Hi Sue, lovely to hear from you. Sorry to hear you haven't been too well this year. Hope things are getting better for you. Hope you will be back in blogland soon.
    Hugs, Donna x

  2. Hi Sue,

    If you send me an e-mail to I'll happily send you the word document for the promarkers storage.

    Cheers Paula. x